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Custom K9 Behaviour Training

Custom, personalised dog behaviour training sessions on the Sunshine Coast

Who We Are

At Custom K9 Behaviour Training, we are passionate about helping dog owners establish a strong bond and foster positive relationships with their best friends. With our experience in dog training, we offer tailored programs and effective techniques to address specific behavioural issues and ensure a well-behaved dog. Located in the Sunshine Coast, our dedicated team of trainers is committed to providing custom, personalized training solutions that meet the unique needs of each dog and their owner. Trust us to transform your dog's behaviour and enhance the overall happiness and harmony in your household.

Private lessons conducted by Arielle who is accredited through the NDTF (National Dog Trainers Federation, Certificate III In Dog Behaviour & Traning).

Small Terrier

Our two Border Collies enjoyed themselves immensely. The individual attention from Ariel was excellent.


The first session of the beginners training course was extremely well organised and capably run by Arielle. We are looking forward to the next three sessions. Our dog will thoroughly enjoy the mental stimulation and challenges. An excellent activity for any dog.


Arielle definitely knows whats she's doing.

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